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Yarn bombing is an innovative form of social commentary, whether it be political activism or rebellion against social normality. Also known as the guerrilla knitting art movement, this form of knitting acts as street art or graffiti; covering public places in colourful displays. Our project aims to create a platform where this art movement can be explored from a unique and creative perspective; directly mimicking the playfulness and colourfulness of yarn bombing.


This website will act as an online display of a project that Xin and I carried out in the early months of 2023. Within this project Xin focuses of crocheting, which is also seen in her brand loopyingfaces, where she makes handmade crochet balaclavas. Where as I focus on knitting, which is a passion I also pursue for, loopyknits_.

THE YARN PROJECT acts to contradict the individualistic nature of the daily commute during rush hour. Xin and I have knitted and crocheted items that we installed on the Jubilee line from Stratford to Stanmore on Monday the 30th January.

We hope to shed light on the human response to such handmade pieces. Knitting and crocheting has a level of intimacy that the London Underground seriously lacks. So, possibly, with the addition of these abstract and out of place creations on the Jubilee tube line, it will alter the dynamic of the carriage and subsequently the people within in it.

The project posses questions of whether these pieces, which conventionally illustrate themes of collectivism, warmth and playfulness, will emulate these feeling and responses in a typically cold and individualistic environment.

Or will this comparison just be harsher and more vivid in an environment where the two opposing contradictions do not mix?

Some initial designs

for the knitted poles

progress progress progress progress progress